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300 Click for offerWe still have many showdowns to anticipate. The Hound versus The Mountain, for instance, plus Jaime, Cersei, Tyrion and whatever happens with Bronn. There are still two Greyjoys on the board and one final war to win. You could say that, after the Night King and the White Walkers have been defeated, it seems like a downgrade in drama for Daenerys and Jon to squabble over who the rightful ruler is. But that's the false sense of security that usually precedes Game of Thrones' most shocking deaths. Shinola Hotel, 1400 Woodward Avenue; 313-356-1400; www.shinolahotel.com

The combined testimony of these witnesses was devastating. They described how, for nearly 30 years, Mr. Guzmán moved tons of drugs from Central America to Mexico — and then to the United States and Canada — through a mind-boggling variety of methods: speedboats, tuna-fishing boats, carbon-fiber airplanes designed to evade radar, helicopters, passenger cars, cargo trains, semi-submersible submarines, tractor-trailers packed with cans of jalapeños and yet another tunnel (hidden under a pool table). “Yes, we must dramatically increase federal investment for research and development into clean energy technologies and climate solutions. Fortunately, today we already have so many of the technologies we need to defeat climate change — we simply have to put them to work. When I co-authored a book on clean energy a dozen years ago, this was not the case. And it is thanks in large part to the major down payment that we made into our clean energy future, as part of the 2009 Recovery Act, and because of the leadership of states in driving a domestic market for clean energy technologies. During my time as governor of Washington State, we’ve established a Clean Energy Research Institute at the University of Washington which is right now exploring breakthroughs in solar energy and battery storage technologies. The federal government has a critical role in play in catalyzing new clean-tech innovations, and in helping bring them to market. Increased federal R&D investment must be part of a successful climate agenda — and it must be focused on a range of technologies, from next-generation renewables and energy storage, to the capture and removal from the air of greenhouse gas pollution.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe Volkswagen I.D. R race car destroyed the overall record at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and it repeated that success at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this past weekend. After the Olympics, the women’s team embarked on a weeklong national media tour, but players were frustrated that there were no plans for a post-Olympic exhibition tour. In an interview late last year, forward Hilary Knight lamented that the team disappeared when its popularity was at its highest.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYYou can ask Alexa to turn up the heat or other basic functions, but you can't stream music, call contacts or access its Kindle and Audible features via Vector, Engadget noted. “I can do that anytime,” he said. “The only thing I found hard about this job was the freaking hours.” He hated all the repeat takes. “Everybody would get it right, one guy would get it wrong,” he said. Then, another guy would mess up. “‘Let’s do it again. Let’s do it again.’ It was the worst thing to hear,” he added.

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Attempting to solve this paradox, some models have opted for more high-energy impacts, according to Bill Bottke, a planetary scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo., who was not involved with the current study. These models excavate more of Earth’s material for building the moon, but the moon’s orbit or Earth’s spin aren’t accurately reproduced without using convoluted workarounds. In an argument elaborating on a point made by Drutman, Edward Carmines, a political scientist at Indiana University, made the case that the 2016 defeat of Hillary Clinton fostered the shift to the left:

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Here's what Chrome tab groups (and a purple theme) look like now in testing on Windows. Note the "group 1" and "group 2" sections across the top, each with color-coded tabs. But my experience in hospice suggests that the fundamental issue is more basic: lack of time. According to the family of one patient I cared for — 94 years old, septic, minimally conscious, with an intestinal obstruction and a new diagnosis of cancer — no one told them how very ill she was. I would guess the staff didn’t have time, or wasn’t able to make time.

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Originally published February 21, 2018.Update, July 10: Refreshed the recommended phones. So far, FEMA and other agencies have disbursed .2 billion in aid to Puerto Rico, according to the federal Office of Management and Budget. Some billion has been allocated but not yet distributed; the budget office estimates the island could receive billion over the next 20 years.

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Like Mrs. Franco-Pineda, Brian Fisher, a Michigan graphic designer, is used to documenting his family’s life. His YouTube channel is full of vacation videos featuring him and his wife, Kaytee. He’d been collecting lots of footage during her pregnancy, when they learned that their daughter, Elliott Rose, had a lethal form of skeletal dysplasia that meant she would survive only a short period after birth. It was a painful decision, but the Fishers chose to carry Elliott to term. By mid-2014, ISIS had released most of the hostages after their governments, and sometimes their employers or families, paid multimillion-dollar ransoms. But three British and four American citizens, whose governments hew to a strict no-ransom policy, remained behind, along with Ms. Akavi.

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