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300 Click for offerThis is not the first time the United States or others have ignored risks while rushing toward a new, apparently magical solution to a military threat or shortcoming. During the Cold War, America and Russia competed fiercely to threaten each other’s vital assets with bombers that took hours to cross oceans and with ballistic missiles that could reach their targets in 30 minutes. Ultimately, each side accumulated more than 31,000 warheads (even though the detonations of just 100 weapons would have sparked a severe global famine and stripped away significant protections against ultraviolet radiation). Eventually the fever broke, partly because of the Soviet Union’s dissolution, and the two nations reduced their arsenals through negotiations to about 6,500 nuclear warheads apiece. Instead, China has tried to turn public opinion against the protesters. The state media has depicted them as violent separatists, even though most protesters say they are uninterested in independence. The state media fanned the flames of a backlash against the N.B.A. after a team executive expressed support of the protests on Twitter.

Students, read one or both of the articles, then tell us: It was sometimes hard for a kid watching reruns of “Hogan’s Heroes” — as I did nearly every weekday afternoon that Gerald Ford was president — to square the foolishness of Klink and Schultz with the genocidal monstrosity of the real Nazis. Surely it’s in bad taste to take evil so lightly. But in 1967, when “The Producers” came out, World War II was still within living memory for many adults, and so was a wartime tradition of mocking the enemy. Brooks, who attacked the history of comedy with scholarly diligence, was following in the footsteps of two of the great comic minds of old Hollywood: Charles Chaplin and Ernst Lubitsch.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEPeople in the Dogon community created a militia to provide protection from jihadist insurgents. Called the Dan Nan Ambassagou, the militia was accused 0f having attacked the Fulani and was ordered to be dissolved after the massacre. If you have not been to New York in a very long time; if you imagine it as a place where people shop at six different twee places for 12 ingredients that make up a single dinner, as if it were the Left Bank in the 1960s, then you will wonder how a supermarket could compel such fascination.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTY• But he added that more work remains, and “that the talks are nearing a point where they would either produce a deal or end with no agreement.” That would be a way of making the utility’s interests better aligned with the public’s interests, as he explained in a recent memo. It could also force utility operators to include ratepayers in more decisions.

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“The Spy” dramatizes the life of the Mossad operative Eli Cohen (Sacha Baron Cohen, all seriousness here) and his undercover work in Syria in the 1960s. Scenes alternate between Cohen’s past (his hasty recruitment by Israeli intelligence several years earlier) and present (his establishment of connections with Syrian politicians and officials in order to gain access to state and military secrets). The showrunner Gideon Raff (“Homeland”) amps up the paranoia so that even the most innocuous exchanges — being offered a glass of water, for instance — pulsate with tension and menace. While the policies created by the Housing and Urban Development Act did not immediately change the practices or the beliefs within the real estate industry — or among agents working for the Federal Housing Administration — it did allow for the participation of broader networks of real estate operatives and lenders that circulated billions of new dollars throughout the urban housing market.

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It's also hard to know how people outside of the Snohomish test area will react to having these camera-filled bots rolling down their streets. MIAMI — “I’m using Mexico to protect our border.” Millions of Americans didn’t even notice this recent remark made by President Trump. But Mexicans certainly did. They thought Mr. Trump’s words were a blatant attack on their nation’s sovereignty.

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Joseph Michael Bellino was born on March 13, 1938, in Winchester, Mass. His father, Michael, a Sicilian immigrant, was a factory and construction worker. His mother, Sara (Corabi) Bellino, was a homemaker. Masks were falling off. So this popular maverick comedian turned real-life politician after playing one in a TV series, this promising reformer that President Emmanuel Macron of France had hosted at the Élysée even before he was elected, was in fact another spineless, unprepared leader jumping into President Trump’s every trap.

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_____ The defiant letter sent from the White House counsel, Pat Cipollone, to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the heads of three House committees adds another large brick to the wall of obstruction against efforts by the House to investigate President Trump.

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